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Deana helped Sara hold down the fort at Canine Palace for many years. She was also the Savannah-area Critter Magazine's Working Pet of the Month for April 2005. Princess Deana is much missed, but you can meet her here, in Critter Magazine's words:

Thanks to Sharon Bordeaux and Critter Magazine for permission to reproduce this article on our website.

Critter Magazine    ~ WORKING PET OF THE MONTH ~    April 2005

The shop cat or dog is a wonderful tradition and their presence is like a tonic to both employees and customers. Each month we'll put the Critter spotlight on a local pet who helps out in the workplace.

It was a dark and stormy night (actually it was an afternoon) when a mysterious black dog walked into Canine Palace, dog boutique and bakery. Sara Portman, proprietress, took one look at the dripping wet creature and fell in love.

As lightning flashed and thunder boomed, Sara dried the dog with paper towels and noticed the absence of a collar. Hmmmm, perhaps this dog came in to shop! Sara chose a stylish collar and lead from her inventory and tied the dog near the cash register. Not one of the afternoon's customers recognized the dog.

It was out in the shop's courtyard that the black dog revealed her special talent and was given her name. As Sara stood holding the lead and talking with a neighbor, the dog began squirming under the iron gate. The space was just a few inches tall and Sara felt sure the dog would get stuck.

houdeana photo

In a flash, the dog was on the other side of the gate. Sara shook her head in amazement and said, "Just like Houdini!" Thus, the dog was named Houdeana after the great escape artist, but with a feminine touch. (Pronounce it "hoo dee na.")

Going home with Sara that night, Houdeana cast her magic spell upon Sara's husband, Greg, and the two dogs of the household: Zoe, a lab/chow mix, and 10 year old Abby, a beagle also called the pig-le because of her hearty appetite.

When Houdeana's owner wasn't found, no one was upset in the least. What was upsetting was that the new dog in the family truly was an escape artist. She could climb a fence in a flash. Sara or Greg either stay in the yard with her, keeping a close eye on her whereabouts, or they tie her out for short periods of time.

Mostly Deana plays indoors with Abby and Zoe and goes to Canine Palace with Sara. At the shop she greets the customers - both humans and dogs - and models the merchandise.

If you go into Canine Palace and visit Deana you will find this once lost, homeless dog sleek and shiny, well loved and well accessorized. If only we could all come in out of the rain and find exactly what we need.

© 2005
by Sharon Bordeaux
All rights reserved.

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